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WHMCS GST India Module



GST India ModuleChosen by 2 customers

Implement New Indian Tax Rules to your Customer invoices. A Smart Approach to Integrate GST for your Online Business Portals. Get WHMCS GST Module to Keep your Billing System updated for Indian Customers.

Set up GST Module to your Online Business Portal Billing System and Support GST. Modulesbasket Provides WHMCS GST Module which Possesses Useful Features Makes your Store’s Billing System Work Smoothly for Indian Customers.

$ 29.99

WHMCS Payment Gateway Plus

Payment Gateway


Payment Gateway PlusChosen by 8 customers

Transfer Additional Gateway Fees To your Customer. WHMCS Gateway Plus Module is used to Draft the Additional Fees to Customer’s Invoice automatically. Apply Distinct Gateway fees based on the Country Chosen by Customer.

Whip-Smart Level to WHMCS Payment Gateway Plus, Automatically Extra Fees will be Added to Customer’s invoice for the usage of Particular Payment gateway based on the Country selected.

$ 29.99

WHMCS PayPal India

WHMCS Paypal India


PayPal India Chosen by 22 customers

Paypal, Now in India! you can make Safest and Fastest Payment transactions via Paypal India. Verify all your India Clients Registered Email ID and Handle Paypal Dispute Smartly for Misplacing order.

Explore Exclusive WHMCS Paypal India module Built to verify the Payments and Paypal Registered Email ID and Address, And send Email Verification Alerts to your Indian Clients.

$ 19.99

WHMCS PayPal Plus

WHMCS PayPal Extra


PayPal Plus Chosen by 22 customers

Verify Paypal Email ID and Avoid Paypal Disputes. An Advanced WHMCS Module Helps your Clients in conducting Paypal Disputes, when Client Inbox to Paypal regarding Misplaced Order.

Built to Verify Accurate Paypal Email ID and Address. Does your Business Has WHMCS Paypal Module to verify the Clients Paypal Email ID and Address? No, Shift to Paypal Extended for Effortless & smart Verification by sending Notifications to Clients Paypal Email ID to Check Valid Orders.

$ 19.99

WHMCS Email Authenticate Plus

Email Validation Module


Email Authenticate Plus Chosen by 5 customers

Reach Humans Not Robots. Filter Out Fraud Clients using Premium Email Authenticate Module. Now send Automatic Email Authenticate Mails to Clients registered Email ID to get Client Access to Account.

Deplore Exclusive WHMCS module Built to send Email Authenticate Mails to Clients Registered Email ID to Access Part of Client area. Legitimate clients gets Complete Access on Features available in Client area.

$ 19.99

BuycPanel pro

BuycPanel Pro Module


BuycPanel pro Chosen by 2 customers

One-Stop shop to handle all cPanel licenses and addons directly into WHMCS. Give your clients a wide variety of options without ever leaving your WHMCS for moment.

Modulesbasket designed and developed industry best WHMCS modules which suits all kinds of Web Hosting needs. ModulesBasket WHMCS Buycpanel Pro module integrates cPanel licenses and addons into your WHMCS, where one can offer licenses directly through WHMCS billing system’s order page to your clients.

$ 9.99