Terms of Services

Know Modulesbasket Service Protocols Before you sign-up

When you click on I Agree Option while registering with our Services/Modules. You agree to our Terms of services and Follow them till you unsubscribe with us.

At Modulesbasket, support Team always make sure that the Users/Clients do not violate any of the Below Terms of Services. All Are Terms of Services are applicable to any service/module you buy and can revise anytime without your notice. Read the Below Terms of services carefully and use Our Services/Modules.

You will be Bound to the Modulesbasket Legal Agreement when you Order, Install, Download, Access any of our Modules/Services. If your purpose of using Modules/services violate any of our Terms and Conditions, we Request you not to order, Install, Download, and Access any of our services/Modules.


All our Modules/services are original and licensed using legal agreements. Hope you consider the below Service/module constraints before the Use.

  • Do not Create Copy of Service/Module including Electronic Transmission.
  • You can resell, lease, loan, assign, sub-license, rent for profit, Distribute, Publish on any network.
  • You can create a one copy of our Software, Services, and modules in machine-readable format as a backup with all original copyright notice.
  • You can host the Modules/services Or related materials anywhere on the network.
  • Do not use the software, Services and modules to allow others to engage in any illegal activity where the software is accessed and used.
  • Do not use our service to violate terms and conditions of Third Parties through the use, public display, public performance, reproduction, distribution, or modification of communications or materials that infringe copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, privacy rights, other proprietary rights, or rights against defamation of third parties.

Limitation of Liability

ModulesBasket is not liable for any special, Indirect, incidental and consequential Damages incurred by you or Third party. which may lead to business loss, profit loss, whether in an action in contract, issuing access to the site. The limitations of the damages are vital elements based on the Deal between you and ModulesBasket. We do not have been able to provide the services/modules to any user/client without such limitations.

Service Admin Rights

All our Services, modules and Software are licensed for use without overruling the Terms and conditions of the license. At ModuesBasket holds all the rights not issues to you. All the modules/services are completely protected by U.S, And International Copyright Laws and Legal Provisions. ModulesBasket owns and holds all the admin rights, Service/Module Titles, Copyrights, patents and trade secret rights, module trademarks, service traits and other creative property Rights to control any activity of services/modules. All service copyright notices fixed in all service/module which is unaltered from the real notice visible all the time.

Service Termination

If we notice that any of our Software, Service or Modules are attempt to renting, Sub-licensing, Assigning, Leasing, loaning or Reselling for Extra Income is considered to be illegal.

Once you terminate Or Uninstall all the copies the Service/Module in any media the product will be terminated. The Service will be active and effective till its Terminated. Modulesbasket owns a right to terminate the license without notice if you fail to follow any terms and conditions of the license of this legal agreement. Hence we suggest you to delete all the copies of Services/Modules.

Zero Warranties

At ModulesBasket you accept the Service in required Format and without any service warranty. We disown all the warranties, conditions, implied warranties, conditions of merchantability, Non-infringement and satisfactory quality of any modules/services. Use or Performance of any Services/modules completely remains with you which may cause the risk affecting your business.

Payments and Other Fees

At ModulesBasket, all Services are billed under Annual Billing System, hence you will be able to access Our Service Yearly with 24/7 Technical support and Service updates. On every due date of Service license renewal, to again access to service updates and technical support, You should make the payment prior its overdue with special offer decided with sales department. We hold the Right to change the Service Fees anytime for various Reasons with prior Notice/announcements before the charges are come into picture.

Once You agree to payment policy, you will receive performa invoices in PDF format to your Registered Email ID. Login to your client area, Go to billing section and make payment towards unpaid invoice before the due date, otherwise the service will be suspended automatically.


We believe in making Our Customers feel smarter then Our Company, Hence your simple to complicated Feedback is important to us. Your Genuine Feedback may help us in Future Service Modifications and serve you better than before. Found many Flaws in our Services? Take a Screenshot of each then provide us. Our Service and Module Professionals are ready to take an action on every Feedback.

Service Deployment Agreement

Once we receive the payment of your order, Our support team will send your the Download files through support ticket. OR you will be redirected to download the Service Immediately or an Service Download Email Will be sent along with the Download instructions to your Registered Email ID. If you download the files through ticket OR you are redirected to download the Service immediately, Then On Completion of Service Download will assure that the service is delivered To your Successfully. If You do not receive any Email from ModulesBasket to download the Service with Instructions then Contact us Within 5 Working day from the date you Purchased. Otherwise we consider that the Service is been Deployed and downloaded successfully.

Moneyback Guarantee

You agree to our Refund Policy once you order, Download, Install and Access any of our Service. Unsatisfied with our Modulesbasket Services? Kindly read Our 15-Days Refund Policy Carefully before your claim refund..